The below FAQ is designed and intended to provide the answer for many queries of the people who are planning to visit Nepal. The questions are listed here, and their respective answers are just meant only as a general guide to assist you plan and organize your trip before you leaev your country. For more details & information on day to day travel guide, get hold of one of many  travel guide books that have been published over the years to provide information for traveler. Almost of them are available in bookstores around the world but if you can't find one in a store near you, don't worry, you can get them in Nepal once you arrive here.

We take tourism as an opportunity to proactively protect and further develop Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and awareness, ensuring that the travel experience is meaningful for both the host and visitor. The company considers socio-tourism as its main advantage, so we do identify environment, communities & culture, our team, customer health & safety plays vital role on the success of our business. So below are our commitments to sustainable development to make positive impact on society.
We therefore commit to:
• Develop & Plan sustainability related tasks and responsibilities in the company, and assign appropriate responsibilities to company staffs.
• Justify with all relevant regulation, act in advance of it where possible, and keep pace with best practice.
• Provide resources for the implementation of the sustainability policy.
• Motivate existing and new partners in the tourism industry for more sustainable management.
• Respect the needs of supply chain.
• Make open opportunities to tourism stakeholders to deliver long-term strategic on sustainable management.
In support of the above, our policy:
• Improve our environmental performance by reducing carbon emissions.
• Improve our holiday packages with less negative impact on social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.
• Provide information, regular training and support to colleagues and gain their commitment to take action on sustainable development issues.
• Reduce the use of disposable goods and give priority on sustainable goods and services.
• Provide and inspire our customers to choose more sustainable vacation options, and to take action to reduce their negative impacts.

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