Humla Limi Valley Trek

The  Limi Valley trek is the last area of the wilderness of the Humla district of Nepal. It is an isolated valley stretching from the borders of Nepal and Tibet. It is known to be one of the few places on earth where the true adventure step for the unknown

The Limi Valley trek starts from Nepalgunj to Simikot by air and it starts from Simikot, the administrative headquarters of Humla. Trekkers will find hiking trades and religious trails throughout the year. To the borders of China and Nepal, they can get a glimpse of Mount Kailash, Mount Saipal, Mount Mendun and Ghur-La Hon. Along the way, there are natural waterfalls, fresh water fountains and dense forests. Marmot, wolf, wild yak, blue sheep, wild donkey, ash, Himalayan black beer are some of the animals living in this area. Occasionally, highly endangered mammals such as blue sheep and snow leopards can be found in this exotic region. Once you reach the Limi Valley, because of the close borders, the locals are of Tibetan descent and their unique beliefs, cultures and traditions go together.

The source of their income is the livestock and sometimes, the goods trade. You may remember that the culture is well preserved here. At the height of 5 meters, from the top of the Guerkara you can enjoy panoramic views of the Nepalese Himalayan Saran, Kanjirwa, Kanti, Gorakh, Snowy Himalayan range. We take the Kharpunath Travels Aid Tour as one of our major responsibilities to ensure that our customers take the most of their travels and therefore take the details at the very least.

Limey Valley has only recently opened to tourists. Even today, the Nepal government gives limited permits and special fees to protect the eco-system. Despite the difficulty of getting permission, every bit is worth it because Lime Valley is like no other place on the entire planet as it proves to be the most exciting adventure for the Daredevils. In restricted areas, you need to be in a group of two to travel. This is a requirement set by  the government. We make sure that all of our customers are aware of the rules and regulations before embarking on a jour


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