Situated in Humla district,Kharpunath Temple a sacred place of lord shiva and is also among one of the four nath worshipped in the world. After death of his beloved wife Sati, lord shiva carried her dead body to different places as all of her body parts were the symbolism of manifestation and Kharpunath is the place where her part of the body under her arms collapsed in the ground.The body part which is known as ‘Kharpa’ in local dilate, so the place is known as Kharpunath. From the very place, pandavas performed kotihom ( ‘Yagya’ or ‘Yajna’ ). So the place where Kharpunath is located is called Humla, derived from hom (‘Yagya’ or ‘Yajna’ ). In the place where they performed Kotihom, Nabigabi temple has been constructed inside a cave. While entering inside it has different symbol and stamps imprints which can been seen.

The resident of temple priest resides just outside the cave, inside the cave there is a stone with natural carving of lord Ganesha in which elephant tusk can be clearly seen. Just by the side there is a lord shiva sculpture and near it cow teats( natural shape) can be seen.

The temple has mod or Gajur which act as the outlet for any scented stick, furthermore the river Karnali flows from below the temple. There are Taptakundas and Bulbule Kedar which is sacred for its Holy Water and for people to get nirvana.

This place is not only famous for its religious belief, but also for the archaeologist who want to study ancient history of Nepal, as its said to have the origin of Nepali Language.

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Packaged Trips of Kharpunath

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