Humla Limi Valley Trek is one of the most remote trekking destinations in Nepal. It is located in the mid west of the country and it is very and the relatively similar Material.In the Limi Valley is a hidden valley in Nepal and is a part of the Mount Kailash in Tibet. A lot of the Nepal and Indian pilgrims, as well as a few tourists coming each year to Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is on the road.

The Limi Valley affects Humla on the north side of Tibet and takes over a small area of Tibet. This trip rewards pedestrians with peace and vision in a unique place in our world. An alternative route is the day journey from Simikot, the central  station of Humla on the way to Mount Kailash in Tibet. This tour explores beautiful scenes; waterways, glades and deserts, providing a circle with a complete display of creatures, winged and green animals. Every day the inspector he uses here is loaded with surprises and leaves an impact on them. One is unaware of the observations and the following, the restricted valley that resides on the banks of the Karnal River, the greater rise above the fog, or the experience of the nearest person, in relation to the time of the tried culture.

Simikot (2900 m), is the capital city of the Humla district, which is the old trade route to Tibet, and is still very active, and people will still follow the same route as in the traditional market. The route stretches along the high, green sea cliffs,across the sparkling Karnali River, and in addition to the aggregates of flat-roofed mud-brick houses, it fits great and is hard-working, the inhabitants, some of whom practi polyandry, they occupy the higher elevations.

In order to do this, the tour trekkers need to be qualified to provide for a reasonable level of fitness, and a moderate-to-heavy, day of the journey. Accommodation for this tour is two people who are in the tent and the simple, traditional dishes, in place of the hot-water showers and a laundry facility for the duration of the walk, so it’s Instagram, it is only an option for hot water.

People who are always happy and cultural expressions are enough to make a full profit and an improved understanding of the different social values. Despite the fact that tourism in the Limi Valley is difficult and challenging, one of the hallmarks of kindness and religious communities, the sculptural landscape, peaceful routes and high Tibetan communities compensates adequately.Himalayan Scenery Treks & expedition welcomes you all to join us for the beautiful holidays around the beautiful nature of Amazing Nepal.

In the Limi Valley tour is a mix of the most interesting cultural attractions in all the country, the salt trading route, is the latest of the north-western frontier of Tibet, the city of Hilsa twon, the dry landscapes, scenery, beautiful mountains, Buddhist, culture, and the Limi Valley, glacial valleys, Nyalu Pass, Tshom Tsho lake, a treeless valley, the villages in the mountains, these are the highlights of the expedition.