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Rara Lake to Khaptad National Park Trekking

Rara Lake, Rara, Nepal
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This unusual journey takes you from Khaptad National Park, a hidden gem in Far West Nepal, to Rara Lake, Nepal’s largest lake. Kaptad National Park is located in the far west of Nepal and covers an area of ​​225 sq. Km. Km.

The national park is well-known for its religious significance and natural beauty.  Aside from its religious significance, the park is rich in its natural beauty and spectacular views of the Api and Saipal Himalayas. Features of the park include 22 patches of open grasslands, Khaptad daha (pond), 567 species of various plants (montane sal, pine and alder species, firs, oak, birch and rhododendron species large), 135 species of Khaptad Grasslands, 224 species of medicinal plants, 287 species of birds (impeyan pheasant, partridge, flycatcher, bulbuls, cuckoos, and eagles are some of the common species), and about 23 species of mammals (common types of barking deer, wild boar, goral, leopard, wild dog and jackal).

The perfect trip for a hiker looking for a real wilderness experience.


  • Day Sightseeing at World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu
  • Scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Nepalgunj to Talcha Airport
  • Drive back from Dhangadhi to Kathmandu
  • Explore around Rara Lake and enjoy its pristine beauty
  • View the towering mountains view of far western region
  • Khaptad National Park and its rich flora and fauna
  • Visit the place where people go for pilgrimage purpose
  • Unique Far - Western culture and ways of living


Day 01Arrival In Kathmandu Airport (1350 m) and Transfer to Hotel. Overnight at Hotel

After you land at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you pass through the passage where you could see the placards on the wall which identify the Nepal’s monuments, history, resources, and come to the custom clearance section. After the custom formalities, you will come out of the entrance. Our representative from kharpunath travels and tour heartily greets you and transfers you to the hotel. Overnight at Kathmandu

Day 02 Pre-Trip Meeting and Sightseeing at World Heritage Sites. O/N at Hotel

Today, we have planned to visit historical monuments of Kathmandu listed in World Heritage Sites. First, we will visit the monkey temple. This is in fact the Buddhist stupa, built in Tibetan architecture. The 6th century old stupa and the monastery in its premises on the top of the hill are remarkable. After this, we go to Kathmandu Durbar Square where we visit The Kumari Ghar – The living goddess, many courtyards, palace, museum, Hindu temples. The art and architecture is fabulous. The Boudha stupa has been surrounded by houses and monasteries give different serene atmosphere. The scene from the roof top restaurant, walking monks around chanting mantra, looks full of spirituality. Finally, we visit the famous Hindu Shiva temple which is situated on the bank of holy Bagmati River. There we can see the cremation spot where the dead bodies are being cremated. After this, we return back to hotel and brief you about the Rara-Khaptad Trekking that we start from tomorrow. Overnight at Kathmandu

Day 03 Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, 50 mins.O/N at Hotel

We fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj which is 50 minutes flight. There are few good hotels as well. We can walk around there and visit Bageshwori Temple, Shiva Temple. We can visit the Rupaidiya, bordering town by taking the horse carriages. Overnight at Nepalgunj

Day 04 Flight from Nepalgunj to Talcha (2,645 m) & trek to Rara Lake, 4 hrs. O/N at Camp

Today, we fly from Nepalgunj to Talcha Airstrip of Mugu early in the morning. This is 45 minutes flight which offers an amazing landscape view of the mid-western region. There are about 5 hotels near Talcha airstrip and some are under construction. After getting breakfast, we begin our trek to Rara Lake. We can see the changes in landscape and vegetation after an hour walk then another after an hour; we can view the Rara Lake. The nearer we approach; the more changing color of Rara Lake seems fascinating. There is only one hotel on the bank of the Rara Lake but we could spend this night in the tented camp. Overnight at Rara Lake

Day 05 Excursion around Rara Lake (2990 m). O/N at Tented Camp

Rara is the largest Lake in Nepal. We can walk around the lake and go for short hike to Murmatop to enjoy the best view of Rara. From this top, we can see the Kanjirowa Mountains too. It would be good idea to take packed lunch because there are no hotels on the way to Murmatop. It takes about 3-4 hours passing through the small village. We can enjoy the sunset while going downhill. The moonrise and stars reflecting in the pristine water of Rara is overwhelming. The conifer forest around the lake is beautiful. The place is rich with Himalayan herbs. Overnight at Rara Lake

Day 06 From Rara Lake to Serkot (2500 m), 5-6 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

Today, we walk downhill to the Khaytad following the Khaytad River. After an hour, we reach to Majghat (2,374 m). After leaving Majghat, we further descend to Murma where there are big pasturelands. People are seemed in traditional attire, speaking native language and smoking homegrown tobacco in their hookah. From there, it takes about two hours to reach to Jhaudi Khola. We take our lunch there and continue our trek to Bapani (2,528 m). This is the small settlements of Brahmin and Chhetries. After passing village Jam (2,173 m) through Nibalbot (2,410 m) and Masane, we arrive at Serkot. Overnight at Serkot

Day 07 From Serkot to Jugala (1600 m), 5-6 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

Today, we walk from Serkot to Ranakot then reach to Upper Kharka, Lower Kharka and Khadgi Mela to Majchaur (1,825 m). Majchaur has few hotels and tea shops. From Majhchaour, we reach to Paukipani (1,668 m) after an hour. From Paukipani, we arrive at Bira Bagar (1,527 m) which takes an hour from Paukipani. We take our lunch here and head towards Jamisera. After crossing many suspension bridges, and come across waterfalls cascading down the hills into the river. We walk about 2 hours through Ratapani and arrive at Ama Village. After half an hour walk from Ama village takes us to Rega Village. We can see the Karnali River from here. The khaytad Khola which we had followed for about 3 days meets Karnali River in this village. After an hour along the Karnali River, we arrive at Jugala. Overnight at Jugala

Day 08 From Jugala to Kolti (1300 m), 5-6 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

After breakfast, we cross the suspension bridge over the Karnali River and enter Bajura District. After an hour walk from Jugala, we reach to Chepi (1,209 m). Chepi is the small village situated on the bank of Karnali River. After 45 minutes from Chepi, we arrive at Kurane Jugala (1,119 m). After the trek of about 2 hours from Kurane Jugala, we arrive at Alange Chaur (1,082 m). After 45 minutes walk from Alage Chaur, we reach to Chulighat Badhu where we get our lunch. We continue our trek along the Karnali River through Chuli Gadh and Badhu Bagar (1,134). After Badhu Bagar, we walk 2 hours following the bank of Kundana River then arrive at Partola (1,208 m) via Badhu Metala (1,240 m) Pipal Dali (1,293 m), and Raut Badhu. It takes half an hour from Partola to reach to Kolti. Overnight at Kolti

Day 09 From Kolti to Parekh Lekh (2700 m),5-6 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

After breakfast, we walk uphill passing through Kumarkot (1,466 m), Ser Katiya, Samal and Ananda Nagar. From Ananda Nagar, we arrive at Pandusen (2,044m) through Pirekot (1,936 m). We get lunch here. Pirekot is the commercial center inhabited by Brahmins, Chhetris and Sherpas. After lunch at Pandursen, the trek passes through Chadi Pani (2,204 m) Angau Pani (2,302m ) and Paurekhe Khad (2,544 m). After an hour from Paurekhe Khad, we reach the Parekh Lekh hilltop (2700 m). Overnight at Parekhi Lekh

Day 10 From Parekh Lekh to Martadi (1897 m), 4-5 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

After breakfast, we go uphill until we reach to Pugi Dami. The trail passes through dense forest downhill till Damkane (2,339 m). It is about 3 hours trek from Damkane to Chuti . After lunch, we trek downhill along the Budhi Nandi River to Martadi (1,897 m). Martadi is the main market for four districts – Bajura, Bajhang, Doti and Accham.Overnight at Martadi

Day 11 From Martadi to Dhuralsen (1625 m), 5 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

After Martadi, we reach to Goatwall Bata from where we follow the Bauli River to reach Saleghat (1,362 m). It takes half an hour from Saleghat to Rapak (1,308 m). After an hour walk from Rapak, we can reach to Bire Khola (1,292 m). We can see the waterfall on the way to Jadanga (1,165m) after half an hour walk from Kurdali Ghat. Jadanga is a small valley surrounded by the hill around. From Jadanga, we cross the suspension bridge over the Budhi Ganga and reach to Tiphad Bazaar (1,118 m). We ascend about an hour to reach Amakhot (1,261m). From Amakhot, we walk about one and half an hour passing through beautiful village, then arrive at Dhralsen (1,625 m). Overnight at Dhuralsen

Day 12 From Dhuralsen to Laske Chaur (2060 m), 5-6 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

Today, after breakfast, we walk through dense forest and reach to Khudi Village after an hour. We continue to trek to Surkha Bazaar, known as Atichaur which takes an hour from Khudi Village. We follow the trek along Dhane Bagar Khola and reach to Bade Bada (1,974 m) via Oli Gaun.We cross Dhane Bagar Khola and arrive at Chede Daha (2,159 m). After an hour walk from Chede Daha takes us to Dogadi Village. We take lunch here and continue the trek to Tham (2,183 m) through Rampur (2,053 m). Guliya Chaur is the pastureland, we reach passing through dense forest from Rampur. It is an hour trek from Guliya Chaur which takes us to Laske Chaurwhic h lies inside the Khaptad National Park. Overnight at Laske Chaur

Day 13 From Laske Chaur to Khaptad (3157 m), 5-6 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

It is the trek through the dense forest inside the Khaptad National Park. We get an opportunity to see many wild animals and species of birds. After climbing uphill an hour, we reach to Top (3,033 m). It takes 30 minutes to reach Bhalaune Patan (3,123 m), the big grassland. After an hour walk from Bhalaune Patan, we reach to Pulpule (3,173 m). After lunch, we continuously walk about 3 hours to reach the headquarters of the Khaptad National park through grasslands. Overnight at Khaptad

Day 14 Day exploration around Khaptad. O/N at Tented Camp

We can enjoy the day around Khaptad visiting the Park headquarters. There is the famous Khaptad Baba Ashram and the temples of Shiva and Ganesh. The temples of Nagdhunga and Kedardhunga in Tribeni are worth visiting. Overnight at Khaptad

Day 15 From Khaptad to Simalpani (1500 m), 6 hrs. O/N at Tented Camp

After breakfast, we begin our trek from Khaptad to Simalpani. We walk through the dense forest about an hour and continue to trek to Lekhda (2,493 m) which takes about 2 hours from the headquarters. After an hour from Lekhda, we arrive at Lamtada via Meltadi (1,882 m). We take our lunch at Lamtada. After lunch, we cross Sunar Village following an irrigation canal. We arrive at Fulbari after one and half hours walk from Sunar Village via Jimkot (1,456 m). We finally reach to Simalpani. Overnight at Simalpani

Day 16 From Simalpani toTamil (1130 m), 2 hrs. O/N at Lodge

After breakfast, we walk from Simalpani to Tamil. After 2 hours walk from Simalpani through Jadri Ghat, Aaucheli Bagar, Tala Bagar, Khati and Khairadi, we rach to Tamil. There is a regular bus service to different parts of the country. Overnight at Tamil

Day 17 From Tamil to Dhangadi (109 m), 10 hrs. O/N at Hotel

We drive from Tamil to Dhangadi. It takes about 10 hours to reach Dhangadi. Dhangadhi has number of good hotels and lodges. Overnight at Dhangadhi

Day 18 Drive from Dhangadi to Kathmandu (1350 m), 12 hrs. O/N at Hotel

We can fly from Dhangadi to Kathmandu. It is one hour 20 minutes flight from Dhangadhi to Kathmandu. There is a regular bus service as well. It is 723 km from Dhangadhi to Kathmandu which takes about 12 hours to drive. When we arrive in Kathmandu, we check in hotel and take rest for a while. We will be together for the dinner with Nepalese Cultural Show. Overnight at Kathmandu

Day 19 Transfer to International Airport

We transfer you to the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight. If you would have enough time, you could go for shopping in the local market in Kathmandu. Collecting the memories of your trek to Rara Khaptad region, you are going to the next destination and we are obliged to you that you joined kharpunath travels and tour. We wish you have safe journey. Namaste!!!


  • Airport picks up & drops off by private tourist vehicle
  • 3 nights’ in Kathmandu and 1 night in Nepalgunj, 2-3 star hotels with Breakfast
  • Guided city tour in Kathmandu by private tourist vehicle
  • A government licensed holder city tour guide
  • Full board meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) during the trek
  • Lodges, Guesthouses, Camping accommodation during the trek
  • Professional license holder English speaking Trekking Guide
  • The required number of local staff and porters (2 Trekkers = 1 Porter)
  • Food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment and medicine for all staff
  • Rara - Khaptad National Parks Entry permit and TIMS permit for trekking
  • Down Jacket, Duffle bag and sleeping bag by Himkala Adventure if required
  • All the required things for the tented camping by Himkala Adventure
  • Airfare from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Nepalgunj to Talcha
  • Drive from Dhangadhi to Kathmandu by public transportation
  • Farewell Dinner in traditional Nepali restaurant with cultural show
  • Government Taxes, VAT,and Service Charge
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Entrance fee in all monuments during tour
  • Emergency Rescue and Evacuation cost
  • Your travel insurance
  • Nepal entry visa fee
  • Personal expenses like hot shower, battery recharge, hot and cold drinks etc
  • Personal trekking equipment
  • Tips for trekking, tour staff and driver (Tipping is expected)
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on ‘Cost Includes' section

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Rara Lake, Rara, Nepal


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